2024 NLFA Championship: Things to Watch For


The North Louisiana Football Alliance (NLFA) year number five has flown by. Here are five things for any 8, 9, 11, or 12-man football fan to watch out for in the NLFA Season Five Finale Championship game. This year features the Roughnecks (1 win and 1 tie) versus the Bombers (1 loss and 1 tie) who are trying to become back-to-back NLFA Champions.

  1. Watch out for the Roughnecks' passing attack offense and run-stopping defense.
  2. Watch out for the Bombers' running attack offense and pass-stopping defense.
  3. At the end of the day, whichever special teams show up and show out will have the best chance to win, with an exciting kickoff or punt return.
  4. Watch out for the Roughnecks' experience and veteran players versus
  5. The Bombers young and aggressive players.

Who will win this year's NLFA full-contact, 9-man developmental championship game?

Go Roughnecks (5-1-1)! Go Bombers (4-2-1)! Go NLFA!