New Semi-Pro Football League Announces Team Names and Logos


The North Louisiana Football Alliance is preparing for its inaugural season and this week makes it feel a little more real as the league unveiled the names and logos of all eight teams. The NLFA is set to begin its season at the start of spring weekend this coming March.

In a region where high school football is heavily supported and no professional or minor league teams are present, it makes sense that all eight teams are located in the Ark-La-Tex.

Here are the teams listed in alphabetical order: Arcadia Rattlers, Bossier City Bombers, Carthage Wranglers, El Dorado Lions, Longview Eagles, Magnolia Roughnecks, Minden Cyclones and the Springhill Lumberjacks.

All eight-team logos, as well as the league's logo, were designed by the NLFA graphics department and in all honesty, they all look pretty good.

For those who may be wondering how or why did they chose these names, here’s a brief description of each team’s logo and their meanings…

Arcadia Rattlers for the former all minority high school team name prior to its restructure and being renamed. The schools historical background was the inspiration for their name:

Bossier City Bombers for “deter, assure, strike”, “America’s Shield”, Bossier City is home to Barksdale Air Force Base, host to the oldest bomb group and the largest bomb wing in the Air Force.

Carthage Wranglers for the cities historical Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and the Tex Ritter Museum. The name and logo pay homage to Tex Ritter, who was known for his “singing cowboy” acting roles in western films.

El Dorado Lions for the Lion Oil Company, who’s operations in El Dorado pre-date back to the 1980s and for being known as the heart of the 1920s oil boom in South Arkansas.

East Texas Eagles (Longview) for the Amtrak passenger rail service available on the “Texas Eagle” through a downtown terminal. Longview's Amtrak station is the second-busiest in Texas and the fourth-busiest station along the Texas Eagle route.

Magnolia Roughnecks was the largest producing field (in volume) during the early years of World War II, helping to sustain the American war effort. The Magnolia Oil Field was an important discovery for the city as well as for the nation.

Minden Cyclones for the “resilience” showed by the town of Minden and its recovery after being devastated by a tornado (then called a cyclone) that occurred in the spring of 1933. Springhill Lumberjacks for its close association with the timber industry and is known for its annual Lumberjack Festival.

The inaugural North Louisiana Football Alliance season begins on March 21, 2020. There will be a ten-week regular season, followed by a two-round playoff and a championship game which is scheduled to be played on or around Father’s Day weekend.

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