The Bombers Hang On To Win The 2023 NLFA Championship


Orlando, FL - The Bossier City Bombers finished the 2023 season as the #1 seed remaining in the spotlight as they defeated the 2022 defending champion Lumberjacks in a close 20-22 showcase battle.

Like all championship games we've seen over the years ranging from pee-wee leagues to the pros, the one thing they all have in common is if you can't run the ball, or stop the run, you can't win.

The Bombers offense ran the ball effectively all season long staying true to their identity. At the same time, their defense was tested to see if they could stop the run-pass offense to beat the Lumberjacks who came up a few plays short of winning a second NLFA championship.

The saying in the NLFA remains, it's not always about the team who starts strong, it's the team who finishes strong that will win the game. 

This is the NLFA's fourth season of seemingly steady growth as a developmental football league where T.E.A.M.= 

Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

Congratulations to the NLFA 2023 for completing their fourth season. Always thank God first for no serious injuries, family members, friends, fans, coaches, players, staff members, and sponsors for supporting another successful football season.

Who will reflect on what they've learned this season to return in stride for season five?   

Go Bombers, Go Lumberjacks, Go Roughnecks, Go Wranglers, and Go NLFA!