The NLFA Hopes To Start Its Season Mid June


With the state of Louisiana slated to allow all sports to gradually begin practicing after June 8th, what does that mean for semi-professional leagues like the NLFA? 2020 was set to be the inaugural season for the North Louisiana Football Alliance but was derailed by COVID-19 as it did for the rest of the world of sports. But after learning that all sports, including contact sports, would be allowed to safely return to practice after June 8th, gives some assurance to the leagues' attempt to salvage its season.

Over the past few weeks after learning that the state of Louisiana would be moving along with its plan to reopen the state in accordance with the guidelines from the federal government, NLFA executives have been formulating a contingency plan in addition to the recommendations of local and state health officials, as well as operating within the Phase II parameters issued by the White House

On that note, the NLFA's primary concern is the overall safety of its players, personnel, and fans. Given the possibilities of returning to play, the NLFA is planning to shorten their inaugural season starting late June, ending around mid to late July. A proposed schedule was leaked via social media this past Wednesday and can be seen below.

The NLFA is determined to play its inaugural 2020 season and will continue to adjust as needed while receiving further guidance and recommendations from local, state, and federal health officials.