The NLFA Off to a Successful Start In Week 1


Orlando, Florida - The first snap of a new season for the developmental football league where coaches and players are learning how to look good (dressing like a team), feel good (self-confidence), and play good (making big plays to be shown on YouTube).

On and off this 80x40-yard football field where the game of 9-man football is played, these young men are becoming good citizens in our communities. RTXS says, "let's geaux NLFA" in the continuation of developing coaches, players, and staff members preparing them to advance to the next level, whether it be 7, 8, 11, or 12-man professional football leagues.

The NLFA continues to improve by providing quality game film, as well as the presentation of their player and referee uniforms, and game fields. Most importantly, coaches and players have to do their part by making plays, minimizing mistakes on the field, and complying with the NLFA uniform dress code.

Expect more excitement as the league prepares for week 2 of season four in Longview, Texas.