Touchdown for Community: NLFA's Partnership with First Bossier Sports

by Nick Riley

Bossier City, Louisiana -  In the heart of North Louisiana, the spirit of community and sportsmanship intertwine as the North Louisiana Football Alliance (NLFA) collaborates with the First Bossier Sports Flag Football program in an inspiring partnership with Football N America (FNA). This unique collaboration, spearheaded by NLFA President Holland Witherspoon and Commissioner Robbie Swan, exemplifies the power of sports in fostering community outreach. This year's outreach event saw six NLFA players and officials actively engaging with the youth in a memorable and impactful experience.

The NLFA's Commitment to Community:

The North Louisiana Football Alliance, under the leadership of President Holland Witherspoon, has been a driving force in promoting not just the love for football but also a commitment to community development. Recognizing the transformative potential of sports, the NLFA has consistently sought ways to contribute beyond the field, fostering a sense of responsibility and unity among its players and officials.

Partnership with First Bossier Sports:

The partnership between the NLFA and FB Sports Flag Football program is a testament to the shared values of both organizations. By joining forces with FNA, they have created a dynamic platform for community engagement. The collaboration extends beyond the game itself, reaching into the lives of the youth involved through sports ministry.

NLFA President Holland Witherspoon and Commissioner Robbie Swan took a hands-on approach in this year's outreach, demonstrating the NLFA's commitment to making a tangible impact. Their involvement reflects a genuine dedication to the community and a desire to use the platform of football to inspire and uplift.

Impact and Future Initiatives:

The collaboration between NLFA, First Bossier Sports, and FNA has already begun to yield positive results within the community. Beyond the immediate impact of the outreach event, the NLFA remains committed to sustaining this positive influence through ongoing initiatives and partnerships.


In the intricate tapestry of North Louisiana's community engagement, the North Louisiana Football Alliance's collaboration with First Bossier Sports stands out as a shining example of how sports can be a catalyst for positive change. With President Holland Witherspoon, Commissioner Robbie Swan, and the entire NLFA team leading the charge, this partnership exemplifies the true essence of community, teamwork, and the transformative power of football beyond the scoreboard. As NLFA continues to leave an indelible mark on North Louisiana, the echoes of their commitment to community outreach are sure to resonate for years to come.