What's At Stake After Week Eight?


Orlando, Florida - By now, everyone should be familiar with the term, "In the NLFA it's not who starts, but who finishes". This coming week, a few scenarios are in place in the NLFA to determine which teams will compete for the NLFA Championship.

The Bombers who currently sit at #1 have already secured their spot in the NLFA Championship game while the #2 Roughnecks look to secure a win and they're in. 

The Lumberjacks, who are currently in third place, can still make a run for another shot at the NLFA championship with a win over the Wranglers, and a Roughnecks loss. The Lumberjacks would then be in a playoff/wildcard rematch versus the Roughnecks due to a tie that resulted from a second overtime in week 3. This scenario would result in a best 2 of 3 between the two clubs, and the winner would go on to play in the 2023 NLFA Championship vs the Bombers. 

The fourth-place Wranglers can be the spoilers with an upset win over the 2022 Champions Lumberjacks to build their momentum toward their 2024 season. 

No matter the outcome after week eight, this regular season was great. I'm sure that the fans can't wait to see who emerges as the 2023 NLFA Champions.