Which Teams Will Get It Fixed In Week Six?


There are no more undefeated teams after five weeks of developmental competition. But the (3-1) Wranglers are still in the lead after dropping and splitting a long four-plus 1 equals a fifth-quarter game lost to the now (2-2) Bombers this past Saturday. 

Meanwhile, the (3-1) Roughnecks received an automatic win via forfeit from the (0-4) Lumberjacks. This week six match-up between the Roughnecks and the Bombers should be an exciting matchup to see. Who still has the energy from the previous game where the Roughnecks came out on top 30-20?

The Wranglers, a team that's still learning how to fix up, build up, and develop their new 9-man football coaches and players. The team shouldn't just focus on offense, but defense and special team skills will be watched closely by the opposing teams with a scheduled bye week. Go NLFA!