The NLFA Is Back For Their Fourth Season


Orlando, Florida - "No time to take a knee, come out and see". Join RTXS for another year of NLFA football action as the nine-man developmental league prepares for its fourth season. Everyone wants to know who'll win the championship in 2023, and which players have what it takes to ascend to the next level.

Will it be the defending champs, the Lumberjacks, the Bombers, Roughnecks, or the newly activated Wranglers?

What team in this competitive developmental 9-man full-contact football league? Which player or coach will be standing on the sidelines of a minor or professional team at the next level? Who'll be holding up the NLFA championship trophy at the end of the season?

Good luck to all the teams, coaches, and staff as we head into year 4 of the North Louisiana Football Alliance in 2023.