Bombers Fall to Lumberjacks in Week 4


Jacksonville, FL - Things were shaken up a bit in the NLFA after the Bombers were outmatched by the Lumberjacks in week 4. Though the Bombers were off to a great start at 3-0 early on in the season, things came crashing down as the Lumberjacks outscored them 22-2 in an upsetting victory.

The Roughnecks narrowly escaped a seemingly poised Rattlers team who came out striking fast at the start of the game but fell short 14-12 in the end.

Heading into week 5 the NLFA overall is looking more and more like a competitive developmental football league where each week every team appears to be getting better as the season progresses. #GeauxNLFA

RTXS has the NLFA Power Rankings making no changes heading into week 5.