Bombers Win 2nd NLFA Championship

by Alex Turner

The Bombers won the 2024 North Louisiana Football Alliance Championship by defeating the Roughnecks 30-16, becoming the league’s first team to win back-to-back titles. The game saw the Bombers dominate from the beginning. Quarterback Zackery Lipscomb had an outstanding performance, throwing two touchdowns to wide receiver Ja’Varrea Taylor, who displayed remarkable speed and agility. The Bombers' defense was also strong, stopping the Roughnecks’ advances and causing two important turnovers that shifted the game in their favor.

Despite their efforts, the Roughnecks couldn’t overcome the Bombers' relentless pressure. Wide receiver Matthew Brothers scored a touchdown in the second quarter, followed by a punch in run by running back D'Quan Morris in the fourth, but wasn’t enough. The Bombers' consistent performance, strategic skills, and strong team spirit were too much for the Roughnecks. This victory secures the Bombers' place in league history and sets a new standard for excellence. Fans are eager to see if the Bombers can continue their championship streak next season.