NLFA Week One and Two In The Books


The new rankings after WEEK 2 in numerical order with the Wranglers at #1 (1-0), currently on a BYE, Bombers at #2 (1-0), Roughnecks coming in at #3 (1-1), and the Lumberjacks bringing up the rear at #4 (0-2) who are also on a BYE. 

Week three is getting interesting as the new team is on top, the Wranglers have a BYE week and unfinished business with the Bombers (dates TBA) who were down by 2 points at the top of the 4th quarter. Due to a 4th quarter rain out, the game was placed on pause with the score 14-12 in favor of the Wranglers, will be rescheduled at a later date.

Meanwhile, the Lumberjacks will also have time to work on their offense, defense, and special teams, in addition to getting their numbers together before week four with extra time to develop new players on this new game of 9-man full-contact football. 

With only one game scheduled this weekend, the Bombers will take on the Roughnecks which should be a good March match-up for the neighboring teams only if the weather permits. Go NLFA!