Roughnecks Find Their Groove On The Ground


Jacksonville, FL - Prior to their week three match-up against a seemingly balanced Bombers team, the Roughnecks made it happen this past Saturday on the ground in week two with a 14-8 victory over the Lumberjacks. After a narrow escape in their season opener against the Rattlers, can the Roughnecks keep it together in week three?

But the real question is, who will move on to a 3-0 record and who'll be 0-3 in an upcoming battle of the #1 offense (Bombers) vs the #1 defense (Roughnecks)? Then you have the battle for 3rd place with the Lumberjacks taking on the Rattlers. One thing is for sure, one team will emerge 1-2 and the other 0-3.

All NLFA teams are playing stronger football as we head into week 3, some on offense, some on defense as well as special teams. And as the saying goes, it's not who starts strong, but who finishes strong. #GeauxNLFA

RTXS has the NLFA Power Rankings making a slight change heading into week 3.