The 2023 NLFA Championship Game


Orlando, FL - Before we close the door to the NLFA's fourth season, there's one more game left to play...The 2023 NLFA Championship game!

Ever since last season, there's been a saying in the NLFA that's become common, "It's not who starts but who finishes".

This year the number one seed Bombers (5-1) will take on the 2022 defending champions Lumberjacks (4-2-1) for a title rematch after the Lumberjacks went on to defeat the Roughnecks 34-20 in a come-from-behind victory this past Saturday's wild-card game.

This heavy-weight (RPO) Run/Pass offensive fight will feature some of the best NLFA coaches and players who are developing their football skills with hopes of advancing to the next level. 

Both teams have a roster filled with standout players on offense, defense, and special teams. The Lumberjacks will be looking to put a stop to the Bombers seemingly unstoppable run game, meanwhile, the Bombers must find a way to contain and shut down the Lumberjacks RPO offense. 

Both clubs have players on defense that are strong versus a pass-and-run offensive. But at the end of the day, we all know that whichever team finishes, the NLFA will end the 2023 season with one STRONG championship team.

Go Bombers! Go LumberJacks!