The Final Countdown


Orlando, Florida - Three Teams, Two Games, One Champion!

The NLFA 2023 regular season games are over. The Wranglers finished with a last-ditch effort to score points, and secure their first win of the season, but fell short for a second time against a playoff-bound Lumberjacks (40-24) who's looking to make a run for their second championship appearance.

Meanwhile, the Bombers took on the Roughnecks in another toe to toe two-score battle which ended with the Bombers taking the win 26-12.

What's next for the NLFA? Now it's postseason, with a playoff/wildcard game on the horizon, and the 2023 NLFA Championship.

For the NLFA Playoff/Wild Card game, the Roughnecks (3-2-1) will face the defending 2022 Champion Lumberjacks (3-2-1) where the winner will take on the Bombers (5-1) for the 2023 NLFA Championship game.