Two Teams Get Their Offense Fixed In Week Six


Orlando, FL - The Lumberjacks scored 40 points with a solid run game as they defeat the Wranglers whose offense put up two touchdowns and a pair of two-point conversions in their 40-16 fourth-quarter loss, with an attempt to get their first win of their first NLFA season. 

In game two, the Roughnecks defeat the undefeated Bombers, giving them their first loss, in a tight low-scoring game with a final score of 12-14. 

The primary thing that teams should always remember is that in the NLFA, it's not the team that starts strong, but the team that develops, and finishes strong.  It's the team that comes together as a whole on offense, defense, and special teams. The team that keeps showcasing their talents both on and off the field while football fans watch how the coaches, players, and teams make adjustments to see who'll be competing to the very end?

Who will be scoring 8 points or more in week seven match-ups between the Roughnecks (2-1-1) vs Wrangles (0-4), or the Bombers (3-1) vs the LumberJacks (2-1-1)?